Berry Springs Nature Reserve


I’ve been to this park twice, it’s definitely one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, and I’ve yet to write about it.


Berry Springs Nature Reserve is about a 45 minute drive from Darwin, which makes it perfect for daytrips. My host family had highly recommended it, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was headed into.

I wasn’t disappointed. The focus of the park are three connected natural freshwater pools, with water that looks blue, green and clear all at once.

The first pool is shallow and has a waterfall, but there isn’t much room in the water so we passed on that one.


The next pool is the largest, and this is where we settled down.


Like every other day in the Northern Territory, it was hot, so we jumped right in. The water was a lot deeper than I was expecting–we couldn’t touch the bottom from where we got in–but it was nice and cool after the short walk from the parking lot.


A lot of people were floating around on pool noodles, but we missed the memo so instead we swam back down to the first pool with the waterfall. The water is clear but rocky, and there are places where it suddenly gets a lot more shallow so I was covered in scrapes and bruises by the end of the day thanks to the rocks.


There is one more pool all the way at the end, which has the largest picnic area but was the least crowded. We fought our way through the rocks and weeds–it would have been much easier to walk–but made it. This pool has a river-like opening that we swam down until it slowly turned into a swamp. Good thing, too, because it was getting a bit creepy the further we swam away from the main pool.


Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon as there have been crocodiles found exactly where we had been exploring. Glad we didn’t find one on our adventures!



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