Darwin’s Mindil Beach Market


I’ve been to the Mindil Beach market a few times now and loved it every time.

It’s a great little market set up right next to Darwin City, and the best part is that it’s practically on the beach. It’s unfortunately only open during the dry season which is almost over.

Mindil is a great public market with so much food. I had Thai the first time I went, and Indian the next.

The sun sets around 6:40, and everyone gets set up to watch it from the beach.

The vendors there typically fall into two categories: food or crafts. Because Darwin is so close to Asia (we’re closer to the capital of Indonesia than we are to the Australian capital) there is an abundance of options. Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese… if it wasn’t a bit pricey I would try it all.

There are also Australian treats, like kangaroo and crocodile jerky. I’ve yet to try either.

There’s a lot of handmade jewelry, too, which is all beautiful and the stands are always crowded.

My favorite parts by far, though, are the music and watching people learn to crack whips.

Each time I’ve gone, the band EmDee has performed. Watching them was my first time hearing a didjeridu, and they’ve spiced it up a little by adding a drum set.

I may have misheard the performer, but he said that while playing the didjeridu he takes 4 breathes per second.

Mick’s Whips has a stand where they sell whips made from all sorts of animals, including kangaroo and crocodile. They also have a space roped off where they allow people to learn how to be a whip-cracker, and they also do performances themselves.


By far, the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.



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