A Day in the Life of an Au Pair

I’m getting the hang of the routine in this house so here’s a quick rundown of a day!

6:15 – GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! (The sun won’t rise for another 30 minutes but I stumble around getting dressed anyways.)

6:30 – Empty the dishwasher, set out kids’ breakfasts, make their lunches

7:15 – Eat my own breakfast, usually a banana and a bowl of cornflakes

7:30 – Chore time! I clean the house and do laundry.

10:30 – This is my free time to do whatever I want! I’ve gone to a few different beaches and gotten lunch with other au pairs. I’ve got a list of places to check out in the city that will fit nicely in this time as well.

2:30 – Pick the boys up from school and head home. Depending on the day, we might have to rush around to get to an extra curricular. If they don’t have an activity, they go outside to play with the neighbors and I hang out on the front porch with my kindle.

The view from the front porch

4:30(ish) – Host dad comes home, meaning I’m technically off for the evening. I’ll help with dinner, then head to my room for some quiet.

6:30 – Everyone sits down for dinner. Afterwards, we clear up the kitchen then I either hang out with my host parents, head to the gym, find a friend, or watch some Netflix.

10:00 – If I make it this late, I go to bed. Usually, I’m passed out before this–ready to do it all again the next day!




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